Mac file recovery: hints and tips

Every operating system has a lot of features that were aimed to help user to retain the lost files, so Mac OS is not the exception. Mac file recovery is much more convenient that its analogue from Windows, simply because most of you data is saved in the iCloud. Several years ago, hackers has proved that its security is not as strong as Apple described, but thanks to cloud drive you may not have any need to use mac file recovery at all.

Mac file recovery: features

There are two possible options: default recovery tools and third party software. As most of you can guess, second group is much more effective, just because this kind of software was created by independent developer teams that need to get money for their product, while Mac OS standard utilities is the only possible variant for MacBook. The first group only consists of Trash and Time Machine utility.

Mac file recovery via Trash

If the user has not cleaned up the Trash for a descent amount of time, he can recover files right from it.

1.Desktop – Dock – Trash

2.Find the files you need and capture them


3.Right-click and then “Put back”. In some cases, you are not able to put the files in the previous container for some reason, so you will need to choose the new destination folder for them.

Mac file recovery

Nevertheless, if the Trash was cleaned up, this method will not work, so you should pay attention to other tools.

Mac file recovery via Time Machine

Time machine is the default Mac OS utility for back up. Every single hour it create the recovery point, every of which could be used for restoring of lost or deleted files. After the first launch, it will create image of our hard drive, that will change as you use your machine or laptop. However, to start the process, you have to connect your device with external hard drive which volume should be at least twice bigger than your internal hard drive’s volume.  Then you should confirm that external drive should be used as backup station. After it, slide the bar to turn it on.

time machine Mac file recovery

In cases, when you need to recover certain file, just pick the right time and start the search for it. Anyway, there is a small chance of fail, but there are so much other software, so you should not get upset right now.