Free data recovery software: what utility should you choose?

We want to tell you about the Recuva, because it was one of the first free data recovery software. It is noticeable that Recuva and extremely popular CCleaner are products of the same company, but second one is much more successful. Besides recovery, this program is able to destruct files totally.

However, if we are talking about modern free data recovery software, Recuva may seem too old-fashioned. It will work out only in cases when you need to recover the file, that was deleted several minutes ago and still there is no 100% guarantee of success.

Free data recovery software: Recuva overview

There are two possible option of search: deep and light. Deep search could help you in cases when it is needed to recover the file, which was lost of deleted several days ago. Light variant is not so powerful, but it will examine your hard drive much faster. The main advantage of this free data recovery software is ability to see the full list of all deleted files, that program managed to find. It may be extremely useful for people, who deleted several version of single file and they need to find the last one.  When you will press the “Recover” button, software will let you to choose the instance, where all recovered files should be saved.

Almost every free data recovery software has manual search, so the first one was not an exception. In this case, you are able to customize the process: for example, to pick approximate file size or extension. This option is most suitable for cases, when you delete a lot of files (for example, script samples), so you cannot remember the exact file name.

What else can Recuva offer?


By the way, Recuva also has one great feature: repair. It means that you can not only bring back all the deleted files, but also fix damaged ones. To do it, choose the option “Recovery of non-deleted files”. In cases, when it would be better to destroy all the evidence of existence of certain file, you can use file shredder, which became essential part of any free data recovery software.

Finally, Recuva has portable version. Thus, if you want to recover the file, but you do not trust the device, just put the software directory on flash-drive and launch the portable.dat. Interface of portable and standard version is the same, but the first one works much slower, because it cannot get the all resources of your PC. However, it will be much better if you would learn how to be attentive and make backups!