How to recover a word document: useful tips

A lot of Microsoft Office users may wonder how to recover a word document, that you had not managed to save? We are sure that vast of Windows fans has to face this kind of problem pretty often.

When you do not know how to recover a word document – you may be in real trouble. Have you spent a weekend working on very important project that you want to release at Monday? Was you full of inspiration? Does your boss waiting for the annual report, which was not saved by you? It does not matter so much, because loss of any kind of document will probably make you extremely sad.

And the reason of loss does not matter too. Issues with electricity, broken PC or your personal inattentiveness: you have to know how to recover a word document. However, you definitely should not waste your time on drama – in most of cases your work could be brought back. There are several extremely hard ways to recover the file, but in this article, we would like to focus on the fastest of them, because time is not on your side.


Two ways of how to recover a word document



The first way is to find *.wbk files. They are automatically saved copies of your file, so it can be recovered. In cases, when you had found these files using the search service on your PC – try to open it with Word – it should help.

Second method requires additional software, but we can ensure you that it is easy to find free or trial version of it. Here come some examples: Repair My Word, Office Fix or Word Repair. All of them are pretty lightweight, so if you are going to download something large – you risk to infect your PC with virus of malware.

Most of them does not have to be installed: just pick the file that you did not saved in time and you will get the list of possible versions. Just save the right one and calm down.

You can also prevent this kind of issues, just set the “Automatic saving” in preferences section of your Microsoft Office. Even if little part of doc will be lost, it is much better than creating new project from clean sheet.