Let us find out how to recover data from hard disk!

how to recover data from hard disk

A lot of people keep asking us how to recover data from hard disk? You can do it using special software, which analyses disk space, defines data structure and finds exact file type. Still, nobody can give you 100% guarantee that your data can be recovered. The answer for question “how to recover data from hard disk” is pretty simple: fast and accurately. It means that if you have deleted file several months ago, chance for restoring is close to zero percent.

In cases, when you have find out that part of you disk is damaged, you should instantly check the other parts, because all of them can be damaged too. Thus, you will need to launch the software right from the flash drive.

All the people who know how to recover data from hard disk will ensure you that all the software has the same workflow: it just scans the disk at certain depth, so it searches not for the files only, but for the loading scripts and logs. Every file could be found according to certain name, and it is no the name as we used to understand it, it is more like code. Even if the file was damaged, you can recover some parts of it. Note: all the files will have different names after recovery, so you should search for one you need manually.

How to recover data from hard disk: best software

There are a lot of them, but here the list of the most popular and most efficient ones:

  • Recuva;
  • R-Studio;
  • MiniTool Power Data Recovery;
  • Ontrack Easy Recovery.

Let us make brief review for each of them.


Recuva is the most popular software for this task and it has great free version, so you do not have to pay for anything. Recuva is suitable for hard drives, sd cards and flash storages, so it is completely universal. In addition, it has one convenient feature: you can define the file extension, so the search will be much faster. Thus, if user is looking for photos, other types of data will be excluded from the list.

Recuva how to recover data from hard disk

Nevertheless, here come a lot of issues. At first, the functionality is much more narrow than in modern analogues. You will be able to recover only files that were deleted recently and if the storage had not been used since that moment. Moreover, Recuva is almost useless if you need to repair the damaged file. In addition, if the hard drive was formatted, the software can do nothing about your files.


It is one of the best answers for question “how to recover data from hard disk”, but you will have to pay for it. Let us take a look at its features:

  • Recovery from any kind of storage (including flash drives, sd cards and compact disks).
  • Recovery of RAID arrays.
  • Recovery of damaged data from hard disk.
  • Recovery of formatted parts of the storage.
  • Supports Windows, Linux and Mac OS.

R-studio How to recover data from hard disk

Thus, we consider that R-Studio is the best software for recovery of any kind of data from any kind of storage. One more advantage: program has licensed portable version, which works in the same way as the installed one. It can be needed if the drive that contained your operating system was damaged too.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery

This software is similar to other ones, but there is one feature, that made us to include MiniTool Power Data Recovery in our review. While scanning the drive, it may reach unbelievable depth, so it is able to find the files that other utilities have missed. In addition, this program saves all the data, in the moment when it has found, to the another storage, which can be picked by user, so even if the PC will shut down, some of your files would be already saved.

power data recovery how to recover data from hard disk

Ontrack Easy Recovery

It is the most expensive software in our list. Annual license will cost approximately $500. Moreover, the Professional editions costs $3000. Nevertheless, it is extremely efficient. Vast of support serviced and repair companies use it every day. Keep in mind that Ontrack ER can be booted even from floppy disk, which extremely rare feature that you are unlikely to come across in modern data recovery utilities.

how to recover data from hard disk

Interface is extremely simple and the wizard will help you to search for the certain file type. In the second after the launch, you will understand why did it cost so much. Anyway, there is a professional mode, in which experienced could stat the deep analysis of the smallest part of the volume.

By the way, at the disk monitor display, you will be able to see all the volumes, even hidden ones. Deep scan gives you a list of all the files that can be recovered or repaired. Anyway, we do not think that ordinary user is able to lose the file that will worth buying the data recovery software for $500.